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Touring the Pre-Demolition Ruins of Paul Rudolph Homes

New York this week has an early look at After You Left/They Took It Apart: Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes, photographer Chris Mottalini's tribute to the baron of brutalism. "Pretty much hooked" the second he stepped into Rudolph's much-embattled Micheels House in Westport, Conn., Mottalini went on to photograph the 1972 house before it was demolished. "That experience led me to a slight obsession with Rudolph and his work; I went on to photograph many other Rudolph projects all over the country, published a book, and, heck, it even got my girlfriend and me together." He estimates he's chronicled about 30 of Rudolph's designs, and without a tripod in sight. He adds: "I set out to preserve these soon-to-be-demolished homes in the only way I could ? by taking photographs of them."

Head to New York mag for more of Mottalini's destructoporn. >>