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Spiky Proposed Tower to Pierce Rome Like a Lightning Bolt

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Perhaps hoping rectify the lack of reason-defying skyscrapers in Rome, architects Paolo Venturella and Angelo Balducci have put forth renderings for Twilt Tower. The wildly zigzagging skyscraper would feature photovoltaic panels spread across the façade, capturing the sun's rays and warming the building throughout the day. Beyond the renewable-energy goals, the architects believe their "new revolutionary design to allow the city of Rome to find again its own old splendor, leading it to a new pioneering city as it was in the passed century, Rome was not built in a day, lets make it born again!"

Of course, Twilt Tower—the name mixes "twist" with "tilt"—is not the first nutty-looking design meant to interact with the elements: in London, a young architecture grad dreams of cladding the city's BT Tower in "pollution-harvesting" silvery cobwebs; a "Strawcraper" proposed for Stockholm is covered top to bottom in energy-harvesting plastic straws; and Mumbai's future tallest building, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, will feature "sky gardens" to allow wind to filter through the structure, minimizing the impact of the gales as they blow around the building.

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