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Rent a Historic Artist's and Writer's Studio in Provincetown

Courtesy of Craiglist comes this historic artist's and writer's studio in Provincetown. According to the listing, the East End space was built by Peter Busa for his art school and studio. At some point, "Norman Mailer rented it and wrote three books here." Mailer would later purchase a large waterfront home just down the block that's currently on the market for $3.5 million. But wait, there's more! "Salvatore Scibono [sic] wrote a book here also." The literary lair's "salty, rustic, old P'town charm" comes with parking and beach access, but doesn't permit pets or tobacco smoking (does that mean the wacky tobacky is all good?). We have no idea if the caution tape above the bed is an art installation or should be cause for concern, but either way, monthly rent for the year-round Commercial Street unit is $1,150.