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A Look at the (Future) Tallest Vertical Garden on Earth

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Any building posed to have the tallest vertical garden on Earth isn't just any ol' boring monolith, no siree! And if Jean Nouvel, the Pritzker Prize-winning French architect who's simply obsessed with light, shadow, and ambitious, glassy structures, has anything to do with it, well, then the results promise to be fairly bonkers. Such is the case for One Central Park, a largely residential mixed-use project currently underway in Sydney and scheduled to be finished next year. According to Dezeen, half the façade will be covered in 350 plant species in a massive vertical garden-type thing designed and installed by French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc.

But that's not all! The 624-unit building is actually two towers of different heights—the taller one rises more than 380 feet in the air, beating out a crazy vertical garden planned for Milan by about 20 feet—conjoined at the center, and
"The tallest tower features a large cantilever that contains 38 luxury penthouse apartments. On the underneath, there is a heliostat of motorised mirrors that direct sunlight down onto the surrounding gardens. After nightfall the cantilever is used as a canvas for a LED light installation by artist Yann Kersalé." Here now, a sketch, a rendering, and a 45-second video of Blanc talking about the project:

Blanc narrates a tour of the vertical garden:

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