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Instagram and Twitter-Inspired Interiors Really do Exist Now

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Left: the 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia; right: the Sol Wave House in Majorca, Spain

Many souls have scratched their heads and pondered what impact new social media platforms will have on mankind, but two hospitality groups have already figured it out: hotel themes. In Sydney, the newly opened 1888 Hotel was inspired by Instagram, and it boasts "old-world decorative elements—exposed brick walls, original ironbark beams, and furniture made of recycled wood," according to Elle Decor. In addition to these fan favorites (brick walls are practically Instagram's livelihood, after all), rooms are decorated with—what else?!—actual blown-up Instagram photos, and a lobby booth is set up for taking—what else?!—selfies. "People not only want to visit and stay in beautiful places, they also want to capture and share it with their friends and networks as it happens," the CEO of parent brand 8Hotels told Mashable.

Meanwhile, Sol Wave House is a Twitter-themed hotel perched on the sunny Spanish island of Majorca. Bedrooms and common spaces themed as such, which apparently means all white, very modern interiors with some Twitter-blue balloons and hashtags used as typographical murals. Additionally, according to PSFK, guests "tweet with each other by logging onto Twitter via to a special web app available only through the hotel's WiFi. Once inside, guests share pictures, send private messages, see who's online and where they're located inside the hotel, and send virtual kisses." No hotel experience would be satisfactory without "virtual kisses" from complete strangers.

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