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Buy Nate Berkus' Hollywood Regency Rental For $2.95M

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Although designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent "burst into tears" upon seeing the L.A. home they've been renting, they will soon bid it adieu: the property has hit the market for $2.95M. According to Curbed LA, the 2,148-square-foot two-bedroom home, which was designed by Hollywood Regency overlord John Elgin Woolf and built in 1939, now belongs to hotelier Sean MacPherson (NYC's Bowery, Jane, and Maritime hotels). "I secretly became intrigued with the mansard roofs and flat courtyard walls of the Hollywood Regency homes designed by John Woolf," MacPherson wrote in a New York Times Style piece in 2002. "When I bought my Woolf home, my tongue may have been in my cheek, but five years later my affection for my house is decidedly sincere. I was initially seduced by its silly opulence, but my romance is sustained by its overwhelming livability."

That livability didn't stop MacPherson from renting it out, and the fact that it's a rental didn't stop Berkus and Brent from showing off its "equal parts Mad Men and ultramodern" interiors in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar. "When we first heard about the house, we were obsessed with the idea of it because of the architect," Brent tells the magazine. "You don't need to spend a lot of money on stuff when you have amazing architecture," echoes Berkus, who "enjoyed the challenge of quirky original details like a green-and-black kitchen with a 1950s stove, marble-inlaid parquet floors, and a pool that seems to lap up against the living room's curved glass wall."

Now, about that architecture—take it away, brokerbabble!
"One highlight of this house is the light-filled, double-crescent living room, with its parquet floors, high ceilings and 12-foot tall curved glass walls that literally wrap around the swimming pool. At the center of the room, Woolf set his signature marble fireplace with an inset window, and a pleasing axis is formed between the fireplace in the living room and the fireplace in the outsized formal dining room. Every detail is laid out with meticulous, original intention, and the effect is stunning." This is the latest in a long string of Berkus-related real estate news. Shortly after selling the Manhattan duplex that was featured in the Nov. 2012 Arch Digest, the interior designer dropped $5M on a penthouse in the city. Meanwhile, another of his NYC homes, listed in April, found a buyer for $750K last month. And in January, he finally sold the Chicago condo that he had put on the market two years earlier.

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