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Still Recovering From Last Night? Try These Favorite Ski Town Hangover Cures

Happy New Year from Curbed Ski! If you're not feeling super hot today (and it happens to the best of us) here's a guide to nixing that hangover. Curbed Ski asked ski-town drinking experts from Truckee to Taos to dish on their favorite hangover cures. And remember, you can always blame it on the altitude.

·Carlton McCoy, MS, The Little Nell, Aspen: "Order a double espresso to wake up, and then drink an ice-cold Pellegrino. It's all about hydration at this point. I then move on to a "Green Machine" from our Element 47 restaurant, which is made with kale, Granny Smith apple, celery, and cucumber- healthy and tasty. After that, I go for Huevos Rancheros to absorb the alcohol, followed by a one-hour nap. Don't sleep longer than that, or you'll be groggy for the rest of the day." FYI, McCoy has been known to deliver "hangover kits" containing the Nell's housemade granola, Woody Creek Distillers vodka, Red Bull, Brain Toniq, Green Mountain Coffee, and Chocolove dark chocolate, to guests in need. No wonder the hotel made our Essential 38 list and is considered one of the nation's best for customer service.

·Bryan Dayton, award-winning mixologist/co-owner OAK at Fourteenth (Boulder), and Acorn, (Denver): This former champion trail runner recommends "Gatorade, bananas, and a quick run. And, of course, more sleep."

·Spike Farley, owner, Chair 5, Girdwood: "Medallions of medium-rare moose heart sautéed with onions in a cast iron skillet. Serve with moose heart gravy and eggs over easy, on top of homemade Alaskan sourdough biscuits. Nothing will get you back on the horse faster than that."

·Mark Geery, bar manager, The Alley Cantina, Taos: "We make a shot called La Cura, which contains Hornitos Reposado, lime juice, and a dash of our own Bloody Mary Mix. That, with a side of our chili cheese fries with housemade red or green chile will fix you right up."

·Bar of America, Truckee: "I like ginger ale and bitters," says bartender Amanda Washborn, "but all the ski resorts recommend a Breakfast Bomb- a shot of Crown Royal Maple dropped in a glass of OJ, served with a side of bacon." Ready the barf bag.

-By Laurel Miller