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Shipping Containers Are But One Part of this Upcyled Abode

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Sure, this isn't your first time at the shipping container rodeo; the world is now peppered with homes (and libraries and spas) reborn of the big rectangles that once housed over-sized wares on their journeys across the high seas and/or rails. Sure, shipping containers have found glory in a myriad of ways—Polka dots! Communes! Skydivers!—but this particular project, Upcycle House by Danish firm Lendager Arkitekter, rings with a forgotten sincerity, a true desire to create something not only interesting and creative, but actually environmentally sound and economical (what a concept). With a construction budget of $310K, the architects built this home out of out-of-commission containers, as well as recycled aluminum soda cans, reused bricks, champagne corks, and recycled glass tiles—all producing something like 86 percent fewer CO2 emissions than the average home-build.

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