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Unbelievably Retro Pad Serves Up the '70s For Only $335K

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Did that American Hustle vibe stick with you after the credits rolled? Crave the low-chroma, heavy-on-the-laminate look of the 1970s, all muted tones and wood panelling with the occasional hint of avocado green or harvest gold? Well then, consider this San Antonio abode a time capsule preserved for your viewing pleasure. Built in 1972 and impeccably maintained, the place hardly looks a minute older, with a fireplace flanked by triptychs of narrow mirrors, a sitting room with a wall of hand-painted grasscloth and a hanging rain lamp, even a vintage intercom with a mechanical pencil sharpener (!) installed next to it. The kitchen alone warrants this three-bedroom, 2,922-square-foot home a closer look, just to behold such a washed-out expanse of bleached wood, with burnt-orange countertops that can best be described as groovy to the nth degree. On the whole, the place may not be as flashy as some retro party pads, or as stately something you'd find in Bloomingdale's Book of Home Decorating, but it's a steal at $335K, especially considering it avoids the pitfall of the eye-achingly intense wall treatments so prevalent in that decade. Have a look:

· 1410 Grey Oak Dr [ via HuffPo]