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Angular Supervillain HQ with Ritz-Carlton Perks Asks $5.9M

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Built with "no expense spared," this nefarious-looking three-bedroom home in the resort community of Rancho Mirage, Calif. cares nary a wit for curved lines, like a pointy Libeskind design writ small. If any feature could be made impersonally angular, architect Brian Foster ensured that it was, from the island countertop to the infinity pool to the wooden TV frame in the compound's craggy cave of a living room. ("You're going to see one of the most modern rooms you've ever seen," Foster once told the host of HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms upon leading him inside.) Rivaling the utter dearth of warmth or human sentiment exhibited by the Golden State's most Bond villain–worthy lairs, the 5,200-square foot home also features "an unbelievable master suite," "amazing fire features," a trapdoor-accessible shark tank, and through a "privileged agreement" with the Rancho Mirage Ritz-Carlton, access to all the amenities therein, including a gym, spa, and steakhouse, all for the agreeable price of $5.9M. Have a look, why don't you:

· 11 Rockcrest Dr [Redfin]