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Inside the Floorplans of Girls' Drama-Filled Apartments

Left: illustration by Laura Ballinger Gardner via Architizer

To fete last night's season three premiere of Girls—HBO's series about semi-functioning 20-somethings gleefully making bad decisions throughout the fair borough of Brooklyn—Architizer has taken a closer look at the work of Laura Ballinger Gardner, the production designer behind the fictional apartments. Her floorplans break down Hannah's walk-up, Shoshanna's ultra-girly studio, Adam's man cave, and even Charlie's much-loved though briefly glimpsed bedroom (↑)—"It looks like a Target ad. It's perfect," Marnie's exclaimed—and reveal that while all of the apartments, unlike so many on TV, actually seem like believable digs for real-life young New Yorkers, some of the hit show's characters are living larger than their shiftless pals.
Floorplans for the princess-like Shoshanna, for example, clearly indicate that she has by far the priciest setup—snagging a Manhattan studio (↓) with enough room for a bedroom, living room area and—of course—a crashing boyfriend, best friend, cousin. After Shoshanna, it appears Adam's massive Brooklyn pad and Hannah's tumultuous two-bedroom might be of equal value—with Adam's being the larger of the two, but Hannah's in marginally better shape. However small, though, it's one time architect intern Charlie's DIY cube bed and stair storage (↑) that clearly deserves top billing. Architizer has a full gallery of Gardner's work, right this way.

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