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Scale The Walls in This 22-Foot-High Rock Climbing Office

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Perhaps not suited for the lazy or acrophobic, the four-month-old Brooklyn Boulders offices in Somerville, Mass., rests atop—yes, on top of—a 120-foot-long, 22-foot-high rock wall—combining the "utter chaos" of a climbing gym with a collaborative workspace in a way that even the wildest HQs out there have yet to do. Clearly a rather, uh, alternative environment, the bulk of the 40,000-square-foot facility is devoted to the actual gym, with various rock walls, tight ropes, and climbers cycling through, including the odd employee on a lunch break. Even in the elevated "work" space, though, gym equipment, pull-up bars, and balance ball chairs are easy to come by, encouraging employees to avoid the stagnancy more traditional and, well, less vertical, offices can foster.

"When you're really in touch with your body physically, it affects every facet of your life," the office's "Senior Cultural Chameleon" Jesse Levin, tells Co.Design. "I never quite understood why there was such a segregation between your career and working and going to the gym and community interaction. It made a lot of sense to me to bring it all together." Further upping the sense of community are the communal tables and standing desks sub'ing for more traditional ones, and graffiti murals ensuring the space stays as far away as possible from "your traditional sterile, polished workspace." Head over to Fast Company for a video tour.

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