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Tour One Designer Couple's 'Urban Cabin' in Brooklyn

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Tucked away in a converted factory in Brooklyn, this two-story loft designed by former Martha Stewart Living decorating editor (and current stylist) Rebecca Robertson and her wine merchant husband Marco Pasanella looks like one of the coziest places in of the city to brave the winter. The couple worked with NYC-based architect-developers Alloy to carve out inviting, distinct spaces in the open 40-foot-long setup and create a stylish, warm feel throughout. "The palette is very tonal," Robertson tells Remodelista. "We used a lot of gray and this helps to knit the whole loft together."

Much of the downstairs is devoted to the home's state-of-the-art white kitchen, which features pale oak floors and a modern center island and cabinetry, punctuated by exposed beams and matching wooden stools. Adjacent to this sleek kitchen is the combination dining area and living room—both spaces sharing the luxury of 13-foot-high ceilings and exposed bricks painted gray—sectioned off from each another by a low two-sided bookcase. Furniture is a mix of vintage finds, including two standout leather armchairs and an oak table.

Also on the first floor are the home's bedrooms and bathrooms, which both make good use of wallpaper—Robertson once told Curbed that "a room with no pattern" is her "idea of misery." "I love to mix patterns," she said. "I will mix up to 10 patterns within the same room—it's is all about changing up the scale to make it interesting." Here, there's a lovely tree design in the minimalist master bedroom and whimsical whales dotting the guest bathroom. An upstairs "urban cabin" provides function to a space that was originally too boxy and bright to work as a bedroom. Now, with white oak-paneling on the walls, floor, ceiling, and door, plus a bubbly gold chandelier, the area functions as a hangout nook. Remodelista has additional shots of the loft, along with the floor plans, right this way.

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