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Organic Redwood Retreat in Carmel-by-the-Sea Asks $12.5M

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Location: Carmel, Calif.
Price: $12,500,000
The Skinny: Positioned on a hillside overlooking Carmel-by-the Sea, this redwood-framed home, realized by Bay Area architect John Marsh Davis in 1983, epitomizes late stage California-style organic architecture. Davis, who is perhaps best remembered as a designer of wineries (including the original Chateau Souverain), worked with the owners in a four-year consultative process to arrive at the design, which prominently features his characteristic use of massive amounts of redwood. In fact, the interior of the home—with its complicated post-and-beam latticework—is mostly kiln-dried redwood, accented by Douglas fir floors and cherry wood tansu cabinetry. Outside, the decking is teak and, in a departure from strict organic design, the roof is covered with 18,000 square feet of imported copper. The home is surrounded by a seven acre Paul Leffingwell-designed garden, which won a national award from the American Landscape Architect Society despite (or, given that it was the 1980s, because of) its unfortunate water feature. The home is owned by Carmel artist Beth Weissman, who's asking $12.5M.

· 499 Aguajito Rd. [Trulia]