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Inside Drew Barrymore's Family-Friendly New NYC Pad

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After months of speculation and gossip, it looks like actress Drew Barrymore is officially ready to move into the $8.3M NYC apartment she reportedly went into contract on way back in October. In November, the Charlie's Angels actress finally sold off her Montecito, Calif. home—a space teetering somewhere between "loaded with vintage charm" and "a hot damn mess"—and apparently seems to be ready for something slightly sleeker, brighter, and more cosmopolitan. Indeed, this new nine-room apartment offers two stories, four bedrooms—plenty of room for a new baby on the way—and such perks as a grand library and a little breakfast nook that keep the place feeling cozy and family friendly. While there are no photos of the upper level, that space houses three of the four bedrooms, along with a dressing or changing room. True, the avid decor experimenter will likely make the place all her own, do take a look at the available listing photos as they are now:

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