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Waldo Fernandez's $9.5M Beach Pad Will 'Calm The Soul'

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Prolific interior designer Waldo Fernandez—who's designed everything from Elizabeth Taylor's old stomping grounds to Academy Awards greenrooms—is focused on a much more personal project of late, namely selling his own East Hampton, N.Y. home. New to the market and asking for $9.5M, the six-bedroom home is a good bit pricier than the California pad he sold back in September—though it does possess the fresh, stylishly casual feel all of Fernandez's homes, including his much-obsessed-over place in Beverly Hills. Measuring in at 6,000 square feet, this two-story home promises to "calm and nourish the creative soul,"—according to some yogi-esque brokerbabble—with a wood-paneled kitchen, an informal living room with low-slung, slightly beach-y furnishings, and a sunny music room connected to the main house via skybridge. Dark wood detailing and a rather neutral color palette throughout tie the decor together, while such extravagant details as a massage room make the place especially, well, nourishing for the soul. Outside, there's a lotus-filled pond—meant to "stir up images of Kyoto, Viet Nam or Thailand"—a black granite infinity pool, and beach access just five blocks away. Do take a look:

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