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Eddie Murphy's Totally Bonkers Former Estate Wants $12M

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Due to divorce and perhaps a preoccupation with New Jersey real estate ventures, comedian Eddie Murphy sold this 12,600-square-foot, 10-bedroom mega mansion in Granite Bay, Calif. to a real estate investor back in 2007 for $6.1M—despite the fact that he had customized and poured a whole lot of work into the place. Still, now Eddie Murphy fans and, uh, wildly extravagant home fans can have their own shot at the place, as it's just been listed—fully furnished, just as Murphy sold it—for a whopping $12M.

According to the Journal, the Coming to America star bought the place in 1998 for $3.825M and then snapped up the adjacent lot for $400K, building an extravagant 5,200-square-foot guesthouse. From there on out, it seems, the star spared no expenses—outfitting the massive home with a 12-seat screening room, an arcade parlor, four wet bars, and a 1,200-square-foot gym complete with a sauna and steam room. In terms of the decor, well, between the heavy dose of purple velour seating, gratuitous carpeting, and the general glitziness there's probably too much going on to call the place anywhere in the ballpark of stylish. Still, though, there are such novelties as a Shrek-themed bedroom and an ultra-rare, ultra-groovy Luigi Colani-designed Schimmel Pegasus piano, one of a dozen or so ever made in the world. Outside, there also appears to be about a small lagoon's worth of pool space, a tennis court, a nine-car garage, and basketball courts, so there's that, too. If the home really does score its ask it will be the most expensive home ever sold in the Sacramento, Calif., area. To the gallery above!

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