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Arizona's Amazing Gothic Desert Wonderland Asks $3.895M

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Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Price: $3,895,000
The Skinny: Though this home is trumpeted as a "Medieval Masterpiece" by the broker, it's actually more like someone put the last thousand years of Western European architecture styles in a blender, hit "frappé," and then poured the whole weird mélange out onto the floor of the Arizona desert, where it sits and shimmers like the lurid fever dream of a flu-ridden first-year Humanities major. From the front door modeled on the entrance to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Roman-style bathroom complete with dining couch (!) and everything in between, this villa travels through both time and space in a completely haphazard, and also kind of fun, way. You have to admire the frankly bonkers vision behind the place, which must have involved some of the most entertaining client/architect meetings of all time, and resulted in such wonderfully on-the-nose touches as putting the laundry room in a dungeon. The 6,373-square-foot home is asking $3.895M, and for those who are wondering: yes, the furnishings and accessories are also very much up for sale.

· 24928 N 107th Pl., Scottsdale, Ariz. [Zillow]