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How One Former Shelter Mag Editor Styles 350 Square Feet

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Photos via Alexa Stevenson Interior Decoration/Apartment Therapy

This entire Brooklyn apartment clocks in at only 350 square feet—roughly the size when people are forced to start getting creative—so it's pretty darn impressive that the charming little studio feels like a full-size home, complete with separate dining room, bedroom, and living areas. The work of interior decorator Alexa Stevenson, formerly a Cottages & Gardens editor and Curbed contributor, the space has become a bright and inviting hangout thanks to the use of clever design tricks.

Instead of using her client's "apartment-sized" desk, for example, the Athens, Ga.-based decorator swapped in a painted vintage farmhouse table and four chairs, which play with scale and make the place appear much larger. Rearranging the bed carved out space for a little seating area, while some serious under-bed storage let the client get rid of some bureaus and use some freed-up wall space to hang colorful pops of art. "A new paint color keeps the room light and bright," Stevenson tells Apartment Therapy. "I love this happy room." Take a full tour, right this way.

Photos via Alexa Stevenson Interior Decoration/Apartment Therapy

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