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Arizona's Priciest Mansion is a Massive Fortress of Beige

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Spanning across 17 acres in Scottsdale and asking a whopping $32M, this 29,700-square-foot monster manse is far and away (by tens of millions) the most expensive home in the great state of Arizona. Currently, the place is owned by Bancorp Services co-founder Seth Koppes, who built the Tuscan-inspired sprawl back in 2005 and—according to the brokerbabble's bold claims—proved that one "can combine opulence and sophistication without overindulgence." Still, with eight bedrooms, a secluded spa, a cavernous wine cellar, and a massive patio area with epic McDowell Mountain views, this listing instead paints the very picture of overindulgence, especially considering the two-story, marble column-lined living room looks large enough to, say, host Arizona's entire population for the night. As for the decor, well, that's a wash of Southwestern-inspired dark wood furniture and beige walls, upholstery, and tiling for as far as they eye can see. Do have a look:

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· 10696 E Wingspan Way, Scottsdale, AZ []