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Snowboarders Sue Alta Ski Area, the Internet Freaks Out

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The age-old (or at least post-1980) debate between skiers and snowboarders has reached a new level with a lawsuit claiming Alta's no-snowboard policy violates the 14th amendment. Four snowboarders backed by the snow sports advocacy group Wasatch Equality filed suit in Utah against both Alta and the U.S. Forest Service. There are three remaining ski resorts in North America that ban snowboarding: Alta, Deer Valley, and Mad River Glen in Vermont. Only Alta is on public lands. The lawsuit claims (and this is key) that Alta's prohibition of snowboarders excludes "a particular class of individuals" from use of public land, and that this prohibition is based on irrational discrimination against snowboarders. Snowboards are banned at Alta, but other types of snow equipment, including monoskis, are allowed. In response to the lawsuit, the interwebs exploded today with emotional skiers proclaiming their dying devotion to Alta and its no-snowboard policy. And whatever happens in court, the apocalyptic reactions in comments online support the conclusion that snowboard prohibitions were originally a reaction from the ski establishment to a new snowboard counterculture. So what about you Curbediverse, do you want to weigh in on the crazy? Should Alta be required to allow snowboarders because it's on public land?
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