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This 90-Year-Old Cargo Ship is Actually a Cliffside Home

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After hosting none other than Thomas Alva Edison in its heyday, you would think that this now-decommissioned cargo ship had hit its peak, but that day wouldn't come until 2011, when it was featured on an episode of MTV Extreme Cribs, the pinnacle of achievement for any object built by human hands. Constructed in 1924, the Benson Ford spent its seafaring days as a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company, hauling coal and iron ore across the Great Lakes, and upon its retirement in 1981, was left to rust for four years before the front half was removed, sailed to a small island in western Lake Erie, perched on a cliff, and converted into a holiday home. With a lounge designed by Henry Ford himself, it's probably safe to say this baby blows all other house boats out of the water, despite the fact that it's no longer seaworthy.

After a failed attempt to turn it into a hotel, the original owner of this ship-house sold it to a father and son in 1992, who added a garage, game room, and bar. But for would-be skippers or History Channel devotees, the most impressive parts of this home have got to be the ones that were left largely untouched: the walnut-paneled state rooms, dining room, and galley. Speaking with the Daily Mail, videographer Nick James, who conducts tours of the vessel, said "it actually feels like you are out on the open water" when standing at the helm, thanks to the way the prow of the ship hangs over cliffside. Sounds like enough to make you want to break out the cigars and play 'old and rich.'

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