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Dance on the Ceiling in This Upside-Down Russian House

For reasons odd and unknowable, it seems architects and artists alike just can't resist the siren song of taking designs that are perfectly reasonable—not to mention functional—and literally flipping them on their heads. Indeed, adding to the already surprisingly international list of topsy turvy homes out there, here's just one more admittedly awesome, highly realistic creation in Moscow. Commissioned for the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs), the tourist attraction was built to the exact scale of a fully sized home, with a lime-green living room and kitchen—complete with a lobster dinner—a toy-filled children's room, an office, and even a bathroom. Guests enter through a side staircase (note the MINI Cooper in the bottoms-up on the other side!) and, as seen in these 180-degree-rotated photos, gain access to a convincingly warped world where the attention to detail was clearly pretty staggering: cords to the lamps, televisions, and computers drooping with gravity have been taken care of. The full gallery, right this way.

· The House that was Deliberately Built Upside Down [Design You Trust]