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Geodesic Dome with Homesteader Vibes Asks a Cool $795K

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Inspired by the geodesic dome homes of the great Buckminster Fuller, this northern Connecticut bubble laughs at your outmoded need for four walls in a roof. ("More like a network of interlocking triangles forming a sphere, amiright?" we imagine it jeering, forming a chorus with its bulbous brethren.) Built in 1974, when the back-to-the-land movement went hand-in-glove with unconventional formal strides, this three-bedroom abode also reps its era proudly throughout its roughly 3,600-square-foot interior, with groovy orange carpeting and strata of stonework, although the chipboard finish on some wall sections isn't doing the place any favors. The family room is a real showstopper, though, with a brick-framed wood-burning stove set against a balcony overlooking the large atrium. A separate bedroom suite with a full kitchen could house an au pair, wayward cousin, live-in BFF, or some combination of the three, and the same goes for the adjacent cabin on the 4.5-acre property, which isn't much to look at, but still: nice to have. All in all, one could do a lot worse for $795K. Have a look, why don't you:

· Dome Home Arigato, Mr. Roboto []
· 125 Signal Hill Road, Wilton, Conn. [Valerie Wyman]