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Wendell Lovett Design For Tech Boom 1.0 Wants $8.8M

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Location: Medina, Wash.
Price: $8,800,000
The Skinny: Leaning into the prevailing winds gusting across Lake Washington, this Gehry-esque agglomeration of aluminum-clad trapezoids seems to be peering back at an earlier golden age of tech-generated wealth, when Microsoft's newly created millionaires shuffled forth from their beige Redmond offices and spread across the Pacific Northwest, looking for ways to spend their previously unimaginable fortunes. Some of them bought sports teams and some bought trophy architecture, as in the case of this home: Seattle starchitect Wendell Lovett was commissioned by Windows NT Dave Cutler and DEC exec Debbie Girdler in 1992 to design something that was big enough to hold their (presumably) very large snooker table. The four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home that resulted from that simple desire has walls pitched at a seven degree angle, a whole lotta wood laminate cabinetry (Girdler designed the interiors herself), and an asking price of $8.8M. Sadly, judging from the listing photos, the snooker table is gone.

· 609 Evergreen Point Rd., Medina, Wash. [Redfin]