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Crack a Beer Way Up in This Treehouse Brewing Company

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Considering that at this point treehouses have pretty much proven that they're capable of any role a firmly-rooted-to-the-ground abode can accomplish—churches, writerly retreats, and hotels certainly come to mind—it seemed only a matter of time before something like this ultra-hip Treehouse Brewing Company came along. Built out in Glenmont, Ohio, the 22-foot-tall structure was created by tree house overlord Pete Nelson, who currently hosts the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters—where this project was featured—and commissioned by the folks at Mohican Cabins, a vacation rental company with a fondness for sky-high dwellings. To those guys, the new addition to the property "welds our passions for craft beer and treehouses" (and really, who doesn't share such passions?) and provides a bar with a working beer tap and even on-site brewing capabilities.

Boozy perks aside, the structure was inspired by the "design theme of an old 1800′s style Ohio barn," with a staircase entrance and a 40 foot long extension bridge connecting a small platform with the main brew house and bathroom. The interior bar is outfitted with repurposed barrels and rustic seating, and with its stained glass "peacock" windows and cathedral-style ceiling, it might just be the prettiest little bar out there. Do check out the full gallery at Animal Planet, and, for those visiting in real life, please—be extra careful on that climb down.

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