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Drop $2.5M on a Kooky Loft with a Huge Cheers Mural

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Woe betide the prospective buyer who paints over the most remarkable feature of this downtown Indianapolis home, a mural depicting the cast of Cheers that stretches across two walls of the rumpus room. ("Get ready for something to blow your mind," reads the listing, but little could have adequately prepared us for this.) All of your parents' imaginary friends are here: there's Norm and Cliff at one end of the bar, commiserating, no doubt, while Sam pours them another drink. And oh, look, Frasier and Woody are palling around, and Carla's kicking it by the door! Yup, the gang's all here, quite inexplicably joined by Sullivan Show-era Beetles in some kind of decade-jumping fanfic mashup, occupying a non-canonical stage between the bar and pool table. As for the rest of this five-bedroom, 12,800-square-foot converted loft, it has all the kookiness that one might expect from someone willing to sacrifice an entire basement on the altar of sitcom-worship: interior windows embossed with colorful flowers, jarring lime-green walls that don't play well with the exposed beams and piping, an "incomparable" two-story theater. All this can be yours for $2.5M, but the looks on the faces of your incredulous houseguests? Priceless.

· 'Cheers' Cast Immortalized in $2.5 Million Home []
· 636 E North St []