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Lake Como 'Trophy Estate' is Actually Deserving of its Title

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Lake Como, unsurprisingly, has quite a few spectacular waterfront properties, but this stately, 13,993-square-foot manse is pretty much exactly what mid-winter wander-lust fantasies are made of. Sure, the price is available only upon request—usually a sure-fire indicator the place is going to be, uh, not cheap—but considering the 10-bedroom home sits within a one-acre landscaped park, offers a private harbor, a 2,691-square-foot guest villa, and yet another porter's lodge house of about 1,614 square feet, its probably worth at least a passing glance, right? Inside the bold-colored villa, there's a rather sunny and open feel, with just a tiny, impressively restrained taste of the glitzy, formal grand chateau fare. Lavish or not, the lake home is one of the most lovely homes anyone could ask for—or look at. Take a peek:

· Regina Lake Como, Laglio, Como, Italy [Sotheby's International Realty]