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Westchester Manse With a Fun, Lived-in Vibe Asks $13.5M

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Location: Purchase, N.Y.
Price: $13,500,000
The Skinny: What we have before us today is a rare case of a staid, stately mansion exterior successfully disguising the fact that the interior is a contemporary, very much lived in, and kind of fun-loving place. With wood finishes throughout giving the cavernous spaces a warm, organic feel, and interesting décor choices livening up the place, what could have been an airless, charmless new-construction tomb is actually a place you might want to, you know, live in. There's a bowling alley and game room, a wine cellar with tasting table, and a family TV/Rock Band room with the requisite borderline janky sofa—the one that it's okay to eat popcorn on. These are all fun things! Outside there's a pool, a soccer field, and a tree house, which—well, who doesn't like a tree house? All told, there are six bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and almost 17,000 square feet of fully to moderately enjoyable living space. The manse, which was built in 2007, is asking $13.5M.

· 32 Lincoln Place Lane, Purchase, N.Y.. [Zillow]