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Why All Roommates Should Be Artists and 'Serial Renovators'

Lucy of Australian design blog The Design Files calls this single-family in Byron Bay "one of the most amazing homes I have ever set foot in," and it doesn't take much more than a passing glance to understand why. The owners, "restless" artists and "serial renovators," coated the inside in moody navy paint and filled the space with paintings, sculptures, and funkytown vintage stuff like pieces of classical statue adhered to the wall and plaster horse heads overlooking the living room. Individual pendants hang from Liquid Paper ceilings, while old magazines fill wire baskets in the entryway. Owner David Bromley's works fill in the gaps, from the hand-painted wall mural in the TV room to the timber and bronze statues in the living area. Yeah, it's all enough to make one write up a draft Craigslist post: "Roommate Wanted: Must be Artist, Must Fill Our House With Wood Carvings."

· Best of Australian homes 2013: David and Yuge Bromley [The Design Files]