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This Balls-to-the-Wall Moroccan-Style Manse Wants $9.7M

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On the market for just €7,000,000—that comes to about $9,665,838—this Marbella, Spain, palace offers 16,146 square feet of absolute commitment to themed decor. Nearly every inch of this five-bedroom "awe inspiring and spectacular palacial residence" is done up in full Moroccan regalia, a "harmonizing of Indian and Moorish architecture" complete with hand-painted murals, decorative mosaics, and an impressive collection of elephant and tiger statues. There are also onyx in-laid floors and, the crown jewel, two living rooms with 32-foot-high, hand-painted domed ceilings. Should the sumptuous decor become overwhelming at any point (there's probably too much gold plating and too many heavy drapes to appeal to those unaccustomed to the ways of grossly opulent listings) such amenities as a personal gym, sauna, massage room, swimming pool, and enclosed bird sanctuary provide on-site solace.

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