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Heiress Megan Ellison Buys Infamous Party Palace for $30M

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Tech heiress and movie producer Megan Ellison—daughter of billionaire Oracle founder and opulent real estate collector Larry Ellison—is back in the high rollin' real estate game with the purchase of this 9,204-square-foot Los Angeles pad and the empty properties around it, all for a whopping $30M. While this certainly isn't the real estate baller's first massive buy—the 27-year-old sold three properties last year, raking in a cool $14.15M profit—this new purchase may brag a past filled with owners that are (1) moderately famous and (2) very rich. According to The Real Estalker, persistent rumors say the glassy mega-mansion was originally built for game show host Alex Trebek and was later inhabited by Merv Griffin throughout the 1980s—though some online records show the place to built in 1990.

Other claims suggest the previous owner was venture capitalist Eddy Aslanian, who was known for throwing parties at the pad, making good use of the house's expansive, oval-shaped sunken living room, floor-to-ceiling windows with L.A. views, and, of course, a grotto pool. Other party-ready amenities include heated terraces and decks, a volleyball court, and two guest apartments, which all sound nice—but as Curbed LA astutely put it—the place feels much more like a "supervillain lair" than, uh, a home. Have a look.

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