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This Ultra-Spare Home is a Shrine to Porcelain Figurines

While houses devoted to figurines don't exactly call to mind the most modern or minimalist of interiors, this fiendishly sleek home in Moscow proves that kitschy knick-knacks and spare architecture can, in fact, mix in a rather pleasing way. Designed by Russian architecture firm SL*Project, the home in question is almost completely white—with bare walls, lacquered floors, and just a built-in, dark wood entertainment center serving to break the space up. One expansive shelving unit in the living room houses the all important figurines—bringing to mind a shockingly similar bare home with an affinity for dramatic displays—while a glassed-in column on the other side makes room for vertical tower of indoor plants.

Other than that, though, there is practically no gratuitous decor in the entire place. In fact, even the outrageously tidy children's room offers just a single utilitarian shelf of books and toys. The end result falls somewhere between creepy, cool, and—more than anything else—100% unattainable. Do head over to Contemporist for the full gallery, right this way.

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