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Wexler-Designed Palm Springs Modern Asks $2.9M

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Though it was designed by Donald Wexler, the architect often credited with establishing the sub-genre of Palm Springs Modern by combining classic SoCal Modernism with the building methods and techniques of the prefab movement, the Leff/Florsheim House spent a number of years getting put through renovation after renovation, despite its rather illustrious pedigree. Wexler's prodigal building was welcomed back with open arms in 2003, when it was restored to a state closer resembling the original 1957 plan, save for a few unintrusive updates, and now that aesthetic is getting put to test yet again with an asking price of $2.89M.

With a front walkway framed by spider leg outrigging, an outdoor living room recently given a colorful retouching by interior designer Luis Ortega, and a backyard landscaped by Marcello Villano, this low-slung white-painted-brick abode lends itself to being experienced in the open air. The grid of exposed timber beams runs throughout the 2,500-square-foot open-plan interior, including the two bedrooms, which are done up pretty minimally. It's hard to tell how close it cleaves to what Wexler had in mind for the home, but this kind of near-seemless blend of modern and contemporary has a way of sweeping questions of authenticity aside.

· 362 W Via Sol [Estately]