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At a Kardashian's, 'Alice in Wonderland Meets Beetlejuice'

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In what be a homestager's most brutal project since the great Christina Aguilera home sale debacle of 2013, debatably tolerable reality royalty Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are looking to sell their four-bedroom in Kalabasas, Kalif., mere months after completing its "Alice and Wonderland meets Beetlejuice," as Disick puts it, makeover, enabled by celebrity decorator and Kardashian druthers Jeff Andrews. Domaine published über glossy photos of the place, revealing glammy rooms with an amplitude of graphic black-and-white elements, knocked out with a smattering of teepees, turquoise armchairs, and punches hot pink: toddler pianos, chaise lounges, and 'Love Me' in neon.

"When we first started decorating, I wanted all white walls and for everything to be really simple," Kardashian told Domaine. "Then I started saying, 'I'm too young. This is my first house: I want to have fun!'" And fun she did, especially compared to the snooze-inducing decor that was there was before she "became obsessive over interior decor and designing." Though Curbed LA has a good point: "We don't know why anyone would want to live in a Venn Diagram of those movies, but success, Kourtney!" It's certainly more titillating than her sister's homage to beige on the market right now.

But anyway, what's Kourtney's plan for her new place? Most importantly, is she keeping that neon sign? A friend needs to know. She told Domaine: "I kind of want to just start all over." Score. "While I love what we did, I definitely want to do something different. We just have to see what the vibe of the new house will be."

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