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Australia Orders a Trippy Primary School, Heavy on the Neon

With an exterior paint job resembling a glitched-out computer monitor and an inside with enough neon green to rival the wackiest of Karim Rashid-designed spaces, this primary school in Melbourne could hardy be more upfront about its commitment to keeping things light and breezy. The Dallas Brooks Community Primary School isn't Australian firm McBride Charles Ryan's first attempt at giving the kids a break from school-day doldrums with colorful stripes and spiky silhouettes, though with this one, the request for a bright color scheme came at the community level. As the firm tells it, the overall approach was to "construct an atmosphere that facilitates a fluid and rich journey through the early years of early academic life." All it needs is a slide coming out the back and we're in business!

McBride Charles Ryan, which landed one of Architizer's 2013 A+ Awards with this star-embossed train station, chose to arrange the classrooms cyclically by grade, reflecting the progression of primary school education with a series of "small unique learning communities... knitted together through shared outdoor courtyard spaces." As for the color scheme, it reaches its apex in the gym, which is suffused with so much neon green it looks like the place could hire a bouncer and start charging for admission. Check it out below, and be sure to head over to Architizer for a closer look.

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