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L.A.'s 'House of Sin' is on the Market (Again) For $6.75M

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Back on the market in all of its lewd, lascivious glory is the Los Angeles lair known as the House of Sin, now asking $6.75M. First listed in 2008 for $6.99M, the bonkers party pad spiked at $7.5M in 2011, and has been looking for a buyer on and off ever since. This time around, the brokerbabble for the slightly discounted home (perhaps a bit too much hard partying wear-and-tear?) describes the five-bedroom, 6,101-square-foot manse as a "distinctive mix of luxury, Hollywood glamour, and privacy" and boasts about such amenities as a casino room, a blacklight-painted disco with a programmable light and sound system, and even a private grotto, indoor spa, and wood sauna. In the past, the suddenly chaste home has also promised "a dancing studio with pole," so do keep those fingers crossed that it's still around, too. By all means, have a look:

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