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Deluxe Doughnut Tents Take 'Glamping' to the Next Level

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Though perhaps not the first to pluck the whole unnecessary tent-pitching business out of camping, Seoul-based studio ArchiWorkshop has certainly taken the semi-ridiculous art of glamping—that's glamour camping, naturally—to the next level with this so-called Glamping for Glampers line of luxe, high-tech tents. Clustered in a quiet valley in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea, the tents come in both a long, worm-like shape, as well as a circular variation that's designed to resemble a pebble, but looks rather like a glowing doughnut.

Each unit is constructed from a steel frame and is covered with two layers of fabric that both shields the interior from UV rays and functions as a water and fireproof membrane. Inside, the bright white interiors come equipped with a small bathroom, kitchen, and custom-fit bed area—sectioned off by a funky, hand-painted partition. On one end of the longer tents and sliced from the side of the round doughnuts are glass-sided, glazed entrances that provide natural sunlight as well a small porch area. Sure, some might argue that with their running water, indoor lighting, and full kitchen, these little dwellings are pretty much just micro homes, but when it comes down to it, that's just the beauty of glamping, isn't it? Dezeen has the story, right this way.

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