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Liberace-Inspired Thrifter's Paradise Cranks the Glam to 11

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Between the wall of bargain-bin portraiture, the seductively posed gold-painted mannequin, the glimmering expanse of sequins above the mantel, and the chandelier made out of costume jewelry, this Chicago apartment has earned its rightful place in the pantheon of glammed out, maximal abodes on the strength of its living room alone. Apartment Therapy recently toured the place, which Chicago residents Shaun Sperling and Matt Leyes moved into three years ago and turned into a free-associating exhibition of elevated kitsch.

Making good on inspirations such as "retro Las Vegas," "Liberace," "glitter," and "sin," the duo has taken a converted loftspace in a historic building where classroom maps were once produced and transformed it into a cartography of bygone cultural ephemera on par with the grooming parlor Leyes owns and operates, which received a similar treatment not too long ago. But though the apartment may look like a free-for-all, there's no reason that stylistic irreverence can't be curated with a keen attention to detail. Check out the fruits of their labor below:

↑ As if surrounding a fireplace in white shag carpet wasn't enough, Sperling and Leyes fashioned a backdrop for it by attaching pins and large sequins to a foam core. The project was born out of necessity, though, as a failed attempt at hanging a flat screen television had ripped a large chunk out of the wall.

↑ In the entryway, a collection of sacred hearts from Mexico, an old door found in the trash, some Bradley Dolls bought on Ebay, and an assortment of other antiques and thrift-store finds.

· Shaun & Matt's Glam Loft [Apartment Therapy]