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Count the Trapdoors in this Nifty Adjustable Apartment

At first glance, the apartment featured in this promotional video by Spanish design firm elii looks unoccupied and unloved. Aside from a frameless bed in the corner of the second-floor loft, there's hardly a piece of furniture in sight: no daybed, no davenport, not even a breakfast nook! But that's because all the needful things in this tricksy digs fold out of hidden compartments. To wit, a mirror swings up from the bedroom floor, and the hollowed-out volume beneath it allows for a kneel-down vanity, while in the kitchen, a deconstructed picnic table (essentially just three plywood boards) lowers from the ceiling. And that's not even the half of it.

The living room boasts a hammock, a swing, and a disco ball. (Their client, a DJ, likes to throw parties, and its refreshing to see architects make room for a priority that so many of us share.) It's all very surprising and fun, not to mention appealing to the junk-drawer mentality of out-of-sight, out-of-mind organizers in a pretty visceral way. In creating the place, the firm wanted to extend the idea of "domestic theater" to open up "the possibility to rehearse, perform and live as many lives as you want," as they told Co.Exist. Check out the video below and see how they did:

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