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Hike Through This Wildly Extravagant Log Cabin Playroom

Further proving that right now is just about the best time to be a kid, this log cabin wonderland is simply the latest in a long succession of stunningly outlandish architecture aimed at the elementary school set. Built by Andrew Roby General Contractors for what must be some very well-behaved tikes in Charlotte, N.C., the massive playroom is sectioned off from the rest of the home with a custom glass-door entryway carved with bears and forest scenery. Inside, the room makes space for a veritable village of miniature log cabins—including a quaint, pretend flower shop and a likely not-so-frequented homework abode.

Despite their respective roles, each cabin comes outfitted with flower boxes, lanterns, and faux-stone chimneys—plus "indoor" lighting and a bit of rustic furniture. To complete the scene, winding wood floors and green carpeting offers a touch of make-believe lawn, while the walls and ceiling are painted with appropriately woodsy murals. Homes of the Rich has a full gallery of the highly-themed sprawl, right this way.

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