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How a Redditor Ennobled His Childhood Home...With Legos

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Photos via The Huffington Post

There's something of nostalgic important and satisfying congruency in immortalizing your childhood home out of the very stuff your childhood was built on (double entendre intended). Redditor Iamjob1 did this very thing, reconstructing out of Lego his/her childhood home in the midwest—porch bench, red brick chimney, American flag, and all. Most of the bricks Iamjob1 used were pre-owned, though the project still ended up costing about $150; the light blue pieces that make up the bulk of the structure were "rare" and "not cheap" and the brown doors "quite difficult to find." Hmm. Kind of puts into perspective the kind of dough being tossed around for those 400,000-brick Hogwarts castles, doesn't it?

Photos via The Huffington Post

The full photo set is right this way.

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