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$3M Santa Fe Mod Ushers Back the Era of the Great Room

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Location: Santa Fe, N.M.
Price: $3,000,000
The Skinny: Remember when great rooms were totally a thing? The once nearly ubiquitous architectural feature, dubbed "the McMansion's signature space" by a 2005 New York Times piece, has never really recovered from the calamitous housing bubble collapse, which left a Bust Belt of abandoned oversized homes stretching from Riverside County to the Las Vegas suburbs. Post-bust, Americans have turned against their once beloved great rooms, which are now viewed as being wasteful and inefficient (which was kinda the point of them in the first place: "Look everybody, we can afford to be wasteful, too!"). But not all architects have abandoned the concept: it lives on in some modern residential projects, as seen in the great room that makes up the heart of this home in the rolling, sage-covered hills outside Santa Fe. As designed by award-winning regional architect Robert Zachry, the public spaces of this three-bedroom residence are all within the 70-by-25-foot open-plan room. Steel ceiling beams and "hand-honed Israeli limestone" floors give the space a sleek, modern feel, as does the Arclinea-designed kitchen at the room's mid-point. The home, which also comes with three acres of land that's zoned for an additional residence, is asking $3M.

· 1207 Indian Rock Land, Santa Fe, N.M. [Sotheby's]