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Here's the All-Red, All-Velvet Room on Your Must-Have List

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This Manhattan penthouse is no stranger to NYC real estate obsessives, as it's been glimmering on the rental market (asking a wide-eyed $25K a month), for more than a few months now. More relevantly, with an all-velvet red room to give Jane Eyre fans and former movie theater employees the wiggins, the penthouse is something to remember. Even in a building as notoriously kooky as NYC's The Laureate, which the Journal once described as "comfortable Westchester homes piled one on top of the other," the 2,532-square-foot Penthouse 3A comes replete with slightly off-kilter design choices: turquoise pleather dining chairs, carpeting with what seems to resemble a massive leafy damask, and, of course, a room that feels, as Curbed NY described, "like you're sitting inside a stuffed animal." Or, you know, an engagement ring box. The ask: $9.888M.

· 2150 Broadway, PH 3A, New York, N.Y. [Zillow via Homes of the Rich]
· $25K/Month Laureate Penthouse Includes Red Velvet Room [Curbed NY]