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How an Australian Fashion Gal Does Boldly Floral Interiors

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Hollywood glamour by way of Sydney is probably the best way to describe the harborside apartment of fashion designer Melanie Greensmith, co-founder and head of Australia-based fashion label Wheels & Doll Baby. Pictured in January's Vogue Living, it's full of the kind of antiques and set pieces you might find in L.A.'s Chateau Marmont: a large De Gournay mirror, a 1910 Chinoiserie rug augmenting the living room's tasteful riot of pink and green floral prints. Greensmith and her husband Mark McEntee, co-founder and guitarist of Australian rock group Divinyls, picked up these and many other high-end antiques while on oversees trips promoting the cult fashion brand she started in 1987 with then husband Brett Ford. To oversee the decoration of the place—one of five apartments found within the Del Rio, a Spanish Mission-style building near Elizabeth Bay—the couple enlisted the help of interior decorator Maree Conley, who tracked down key pieces, like the oversized white marble fireplace.

Though she used to be a lot more "rock and roll," Greensmith professes that the style she goes for nowadays is "much more feminine and glamorous." As to the handpainted De Gournay wallpaper, though: "I tend to put that wherever I go." Head over to Vogue Living for more views on Greensmiths well-curated abode.

· Antiques and rockabilly: the home of Wheels & Dollbaby's Melanie Greensmith. [Vogue Living]