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Get Your Crystal Therapy on in Anthropologie's $9K Tent

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As if the world needed another reason to struggle through using the word "glamping" with a straight face: Anthropologie, purveyor of overpriced fairy-gypsy garb and drawer pulls, sells a 12-foot-wide waterproof tent for an eyebrow-raising, eye-rolling $8,998. And the reviews, shockingly, are great: "After going through a "gypsy" phase (to be young again..) my parents bought me this tent as a retreat to conduct my crystal therapy. Let me tell you, the tent is PERFECT," anthropoligetic93, who lists "no air conditioning" as a con, writes. Sure, it's something to rival the high-design tents of architects' delight, but it's far from the most expensive glamping option to have hit stores—must we revisit Neiman Marcus' $75K blinged-out yurt?
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