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This Nightscape of Tokyo is Made Entirely From Stickers

Crafted by Japanese artist Yukino Ohmura with materials available to just about anyone with a well-stocked office supply closet, each building in this mind-boggling nocturnal composition was carefully constructed through the placement of neon color-coding stickers on a black acrylic background—creating an effect that looks almost identical to long-exposure photography taken after dark. Making up a series titled Beautiful Toyko, Ohmura's faux-photography creations are meant both as an homage to the city—the artist purposefully choses only highly recognizable buildings so that viewers can instantly connect with the work—and as a means to explore the power of illusion. "We are trying to struggle in this world which is filled with uncertain and unstable truths," muses the artist. "My artworks are part of the truth cut out from this chaotic world." Like certain similar projects by other artists, the intricate architectural scenes are indeed chaotic, dazzling, and just a touch lonely, the way far-off buildings always seem. Do take a closer look, below.

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