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Harley Davidson Lobbies for Ice Racing at 2015 X Games

The most infamous motorcycle brand in the world, Harley Davidson, is currently sponsoring the Winter X Games in Aspen as part of a campaign to make ice racing an official sport at the 2015 winter competition. Brad Baker, the Washington State-based AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Champion, argues, "We want to see ice racing as an official X Games sport because it's the perfect fit. Harley has pioneered the recreational industry, and it's such an extreme sport. On a half-mile oval track, you reach speeds in excess of 100 mph." What would it look like? Think full-sized hogs with studded tires tearing up an icy track. The bid is being waged by social media; at Harley Davidson's booth in Aspen, attendees have their photo snapped astride a stationary hog, then hashtag it #HDIceRace. So Curbediverse, what's the verdict? Is this a worthwhile addition to the already adrenalin-heavy X Games lineup? Tell us in the comments or email us here.
-By Laurel Miller
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