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$20M Wash. Property Offers 200 Acres of Weirdo Homes

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Attention buyers with a taste for oddball homes and a strong aversion to neighbors: this 202-acre property in Sequim, Wash.—which is on the market $20M—just might be a perfect fit. Markedly larger (and pricier) than most of the actual towns that have been listed in the past, this curious listing appears to offer six distinct residences, a massive farm, a solar and wind power infrastructure, and what the brokerbabble insists is the "the highest quality drinking water in state."

Along one side, the property, which is one of the priciest in Washington State, enjoys a half mile of waterfront that's equipped with private boat moorage, while the landlocked edges offer "cedar forests, meadows [and] mountain views." What curiously does not get so much as a mention in the brokerbabble, though, are the truly bizarre homes that come with the sale. The handful of listing photos reveal a startling buggy collection, faux-medieval detailing, various elfish sculptures, and even a rather impressive dragon gateway. Above, have a look.

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