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Luxurious Mobile Cabins Are The Next Big Thing Out of Jackson

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These ski towns might be the best places to invest in real estate, but not everyone is buying. Instead, Curbed Ski predicts that Recreational Park Trailers like the ones made by the Jackson Hole-based design firm Wheelhaus are about to go mainstream. Although we featured the luxury, portable living spaces back in April 2013, a slew of new press is taking Wheelhaus to the big leagues: Outside Magazine just included the tiny digs in their 2014 Editors' Choice Awards of Perfect Things and the Boston Herald chimed in on the gorgeous mini cabins too. What's all the buzz about? Let's just say these prefab cabins are the most luxurious, mobile 400 square feet we've seen in a while.

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Most models include a well-appointed living room/dining room featuring a 42" TV and gas fireplace, a bathroom stocked with Kohler fixtures and a bedroom with enough space for a king bed. In the Wedge model, the angled ceiling is made out of recycled snow fencing and the inside feels much bigger than 400 square feet. There's even a decently-sized deck to boot.

↑ The Caboose model has a slightly different layout and construction, with two decks and a lofted section over the living room. Instead of snow fencing, the exterior is a mix of rusty metal and cedar siding, and the interior is laid out with bamboo flooring, LED lighting, energy-efficient SIP walls and ceiling, and a full kitchen. The models start at around $92,000, and sit right at the limit of RV size regulations, which means owners can park their new homes in any campground or RV park without special permits. While they're trailer-friendly, the intention is for them to be located somewhere more permanently.

For those who want to test drive, both models, along with glamping options, are available at Fireside Resort, which is right off the road on the way to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
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